Good News!!! Jinan Liangong for being awarded Shandong Province "Specialization, refinement, novelty" Enterprise

[Re-Awarded] Jinan Liangong has won the Shandong provincial title of "Specialization, Refinement, Novelty"-Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and build a century-old testing machine brand.

In October 2019, Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co.,Ltd has been identified as "Jinan City Specialization, Refinement, Novelty" enterprise. Now, after expert review and comprehensive evaluation, Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is again identified as "Shandong Specialization, Refinement, Novelty" Enterprise title.

The provincial-level "specialization and special new" award is the recognition and review of the relevant government departments on Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd.'s scientific research capabilities, achievement transformation capabilities, and sustainable development capabilities; The build-up number of the new journey in 2020 has injected powerful boosters into the development of the enterprise and increased its stamina. Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to carry out technological innovation, enhance market competitiveness of products, continue to create more excellent products and satisfactory services for customers, and provide strong support for the company's sustainable development.
Since the establishment of Jinan Liangong Testing Technology Co., Ltd., we adhere to the concept of “carry forward the spirit of craftsmen and build a century-old testing machine brand”, and has always been committed to the research and development, production, sales and service of high-end test machines. Our company has obtained more than 40 invention and utility model patents, and has completed the research and development of impact testing machines, tensile testing machines, universal testing machines, bending testing machines, torsion testing machines, compression testing machines, etc. 10 series more than 100 types testing machines. It is used in various fields of national economy such as aerospace, defense industry, machinery manufacturing, vehicles and ships, steel metallurgy, wire and cable, plastics and rubber, construction materials, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, commodity inspection and quality inspection, etc. for the testing, analysis and research of physical and mechanical properties of different kinds of metals, non-metlas, components, finished products, new materials. The machines are spread all over the country and exported to the United States, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, Mexico and other international markets.