MLW-6 Slurry Abrasion Tester ISO 15527 PEUHMW, PE-HD

  MLW-6 slurry abrasion tester is free abrasive wear testing machine, which is according to ISO 15527 . It uses motor rotating sample drive ore sand, dinas, aluminium oxide mixed with water and wear on various metal or nonmetal material. In the spinning process of sample, Quartz sand and water washing and cracking down on the sample surface, causing wastage of the loss of surface materials. Through orthogonal experiment, from the angle of the experimental wear failure characteristics. With a molecular weight of the material and molding technology conditions for orthogonal experiments factor. Making Experimental study on the abrasion performance of the mortar,thus do abrasion resistance test for materials. And observing material worn surface morphology under the electron microscope, discussing the regularity of materials slurry abrasion.
    Along with the enlargement of the application area of PE-UHMW material,People gradually discovered its shortcomings in use process. Such as low surface hardness, poor anti-wear ability shortcomings. In order to make it can be used in some occasion of higher requirements, VHMW - PE must be properly modified. The application of this equipment is to provide appropriate methods for modified products inspection on the wear rate.

  This equipment can simulate various working conditions, for agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, excavation?machinery, transportation machinery and so on, do screening tests for wear resistant materials in the test room. This machine also can lay a good foundation for abrasive wear mechanism research and development of scientific research departments.