The utility and advantages of Liangong universal friction and wear testing machine

MMW - 1 microcomputer control universal friction and wear testing machine is under the certain contact pressure, with high temperature and room temperature and all kinds of fluid, and other forms of sliding movement of the friction condition, with stepless speed regulation system, can be in extremely low speed or high speed condition, used to assess friction and wear properties of lubricant, metal, plastic, coating, rubber, ceramic materials. 
The universal friction and wear tester developed by Liangong is a precision test instrument of mechatronics. Stable loading mechanism is adopted to ensure accurate force value. Spindle motor is self-developed servo integrated speed control system and motor, stable speed, high torque, wide speed control range, low noise.Measurement parameters include test force, friction, test time, temperature, test period (spindle revolution). The five parameters can be preset according to the studied material to achieve the best use effect. When any parameter exceeds the preset value, the corresponding alarm light will be on and the spindle will stop rotating. The results of all measuring axes can be displayed on the computer screen in real time, and the test curves can be recorded and saved.