YAW-300S fully automatic flue pressure tester

YAW-300S fully automatic flue pressure tester is used to test the vertical bearing capacity of the finished product of the flue and exhaust duct, which fully meets the standard "JG / T194-2018 residential kitchen and toilet exhaust duct". The control mode of the flue pressure tester adopts automatic control, and the user can compile the test process control mode according to his actual requirements to automatically complete the test. It can realize continuous load and hold load function under any load. The test process can realize simulation reproduction.

Main technique
1. Maximum test force: 300KN
2. Range and measurement range: 4% ~ 100% F.S
3. Test force indication value relative error: ≤ ± 1% of indication value
4. Test force resolution: 0.01kN
5. Size of upper and lower platen: 700 × 600mm
6. Maximum distance between upper and lower pressure plates: 1550mm
7, The maximum stroke of the piston: 100mm
8. Piston diameter: Φ130mm
9. Rated pressure of hydraulic pump: 25MPa
10. Total power of the power supply: 3.5kW
11. Dimensions: 1000 * 1000 * 3260㎜
12. Host net weight: about 2150kg