Technical solution for CSL-B impact specimen notched electric broaching machine

The CSL-B impact specimen notched electric broaching machine is supported by a high-precision ball screw drive and a linear guide. This structure ensures the stability of the broach operation and the geometric accuracy of the gap. This product is equipped with a double-station broach that can process two sample notches at the same time: one V-shaped and one U-shaped (also two V-shaped or two U-shaped notches).
No need to change the tool whether machining V-shaped or U-shaped notch, the sample notch can be processed in 10 seconds, the operation is simple and reliable, and the processed V-shaped and U-shaped notch can meet GB2106-80 Metal Charpy (V Type notch) impact test method and GB229-07 "Metal material Charpy pendulum impact test method", and the corresponding requirements in ASTME23, ISO148, ISO0083 and other domestic and foreign standards. In addition, the machine has installed three-phase motor phase sequence and phase failure protection device to ensure the safety of the equipment.
The broach is equipped with W18Cr4V, which has high hardness and good wear resistance. Each broach can process more than 20,000 samples (with hardness less than HRC40).
Technical parameter
1. Processing gap: V type (GB229-07), U type (GB229-07)
2. Sample size (mm): 55 * 10 * (10, 7.5, 5 or 2.5)
3, broach stroke: 350mm
4, broaching speed: 2.3m / min
5, working motor: three-phase four-wire system 380V 50Hz 0.5KW main motor 0.4KW
6, Dimensions: 570 * 430 * 1240 mm