The main purpose and application scope of NDW-500 computer controlled torsion testing machine

NDW-500 computer controlled torsion testing machine, in line with JB/T9370 torsional testing machine technical conditions" and GB/T2611 "testing machine general technical requirements", to meet the "GB10128-2007 metal room temperature torsion test method" related metal material torque test, measure the damage torque value.
NDW-500 computer controlled torsion testing machine is composed of loading system, transmission system, digital data acquisition and processing system and computer measurement control display system. It is suitable for the performance test of static mechanics of various components such as transmission shaft and semi-axle and the test of screw torsion mechanical properties.

The machine uses a horizontal structure. The computer screen display, digital data acquisition control system and the all-digital AC servo system form a closed-loop control. Adopting precision reducer transmission, it has the characteristics of uniform loading, stability, no impact and accurate data acquisition control.
Test function: English operation platform, with variable structure PID parameter adjustment function, realize full-closed control of torque, torsion angle and deformation. Using the graphical operating system with graphical interface, the display screen and operation panel can be set; the test speed and various control parameters can be set; the basic test results (fracture value, peak value) can be displayed in real time; Real-time display of various relevant parameter graphs of the test process; system diagnostics and diagnostic results can be displayed. Test machine realizes hierarchical management authority. Different users can enter different management interfaces and divided into three levels of user management permissions.