Causes and treatment methods for large temperature fluctuations during the operating of impact test low temperature chamber

The impact test low temperature chamber is a newly developed refrigeration equipment according to the requirements of GB T229 "Metal material Charpy pendulum impact test method" for cooling devices, used for cooling and constant temperature of impact specimens.

Regarding the impact test low temperature chamber (low temperature tank), If the temperature fluctuates greatly during use, there are generally three reasons:
  1. There is too little ethanol in the cooling tank, and it is necessary to add ethanol to the tank.
  2. Except for the reason of the first one, check whether the stirring motor is running normally. If it is not working properly, it is necessary to repair the circuit or the stirring motor.
  3. If the above two are normal, you need to check whether the PID parameter of the temperature control table is correct. If it is not correct, you need to reset it.