American standard U2U5 impact specimen notch broaching technical solution

First, the device model and name
       CSL-Y-5 American standard impact specimen notched double-knife hydraulic broaching machine

Second, equipment use
       The impact specimen notch broaching machine is the only tool that can process the notch of the qualified Charpy impact specimen outside the optical curve grinding machine in China. Due to the principle of one-time forming processing, the notch uniformity of the processing is excellent.
       CSL-Y-5 American standard impact specimen notch double-knife hydraulic broaching machine adopts hydraulic transmission to ensure the stability of the broach operation and the geometric accuracy of the notch. This product is equipped with a double-position broach that can process two sample gaps simultaneously. It can be equipped with broaches of different specifications to draw impact gaps of different specifications such as V2, U2, U3 and U5. The notch accuracy and specifications meet the requirements of national standards and American standards. However, no need to change the tool regardless of the V-shaped or U-shaped notch, the sample gap is only required to be processed in 8 seconds, and the operation is simple and reliable.
       The broach of the CSL-Y-5 impact specimen notched double-knife hydraulic broaching machine is made of W18Cr4V material, with high hardness and good wear resistance. Each tool can process more than 20,000 samples. The broaching machine has a special lubrication device to prevent damage to the broach, and is equipped with a garbage box inside, which is easy to clean iron scraps.
      The broaching machine meets GB 2106-80 "Metal Charpy (V-notch) impact test method" and GB/T 229-2007 "Metal Charpy Notched Impact Test Method". If the structural form is changed and related parts are replaced, it can meet American standard ASTM E23, European standard EN 10045, ISO 148, ISO 83 and other international standards.

Third, the main technical specifications
       1. Specimen notch shape: V-shaped or U-shaped (deep 2, 3, 5mm)
       2. Processing sample size: 10×10 (7.5 or 5)×55 mm
       3, transmission mode: hydraulic
       4, broach stroke: 400mm
       5, broach material: W18Cr4V
       6, broaching speed: 2.5m / min
       7. Power source: Three-phase four-wire system 380V 50Hz 0.4KW main motor 0.37KW
       8. Dimensions: (660×400×1200)mm (length×width×height)
       9, weight: 200kg