The principle and operation method of the electric tensile specimens gauge length meter

Working principle
The device uses the micro-motor as the power to drive the high-precision ball screw through synchronous belt, thereby driving the horizontal movement of the punch. Every time the screw turns one circle (or half circle), the impact needle travels 10mm (or 5mm), and the sensor collects a signal, which in turn drives the high-frequency electromagnet to drive the impact needle to strike. When the motor runs continuously, it can continuously dot 60 pieces (5mm) or 30 pieces (10mm).

Operation method
1. Place the device on a workbench about 500 mm high from the ground, then place the sample in the V-shaped groove of the device, and lock the fixture to fix the position of the sample.
2. According to the diameter of the sample, adjust the position of the tip of the impact needle and the surface of the sample, and use the height block to maintain an appropriate distance from the sample.
3. According to actual needs, select 5mm/10mm gear.
4. Press the "power" button to turn on the power, then press the "work" button without releasing, the impact needle can continuously strike dot on the surface of the sample. Releasing the button, the button stops. Press the "Reset" button, the striking device moves from right to left to a suitable position, then release the button to stop. This machine is equipped with safety protection device, when the punch part moves to both ends, it will automatically stop.
5. Loosen the fixture, take out the sample, press the "Reset" button without releasing, the punch part is moved to the left to return to the original position, so that the one-point gauge work is completed. If you need to do it again, repeat the above steps.