Installation method of JL-50000J drop weight tearing impact testing machine

Liangong Testing JL-50000 Drop Weight Tear Tester is a testing equipment used to perform drop weight tear test (DWTT) on ferritic steel. The impact energy can be changed between 22000J ~ 50000J. The methods are: (1) changing the lifting height of the drop weight; (2) increasing or decreasing the standard counterweight.

Installation and commissioning
1. Installation: Because the test machine is high (5.6m) and cannot be transported horizontally, it is divided into multiple parts for transport, and then assembled after arriving at the customer site. The specific parts are: a. base of the host; b. lifting mechanism; c. drop weight; d. pillar; e. top plate; f. hanging hammer mechanism; g. feeding positioning mechanism; h. protective net frame.
(1) Move the base of the host and the bottom plate of the lifting mechanism to the pre-made foundation, adjust the level of the base to 0.2/1000 with a spirit level, and fasten the anchor bolts.
(2) Place two thick wooden blocks on the jaws of the support, (about 180-190) or iron blocks of the same height, and place the drop hammer and the hanging hammer mechanism on it. Lift the two sliding columns through the holes of the beam and the drop weight, use the sliding column seat to connect them with the base, and then fix the four square support columns to the base.
(3) Install the top plate: lift the top plate, install it on the top of the square support column of the sliding column, and fix it with screws.
(4) Pass the wire rope through the top plate, and connect it with the hanging hammer mechanism and the lifting mechanism through the two ends of the pulley.
(5) Install the protective net frame.

2. Debug
(1) Span adjustment: The span is 254mm and has been adjusted before leaving the factory.
(2) When the protective net frame is closed, the whole machine is powered on, and when it is opened, it is powered off.
(3) Connect the power supply to the hanging hammer mechanism.
(4) Press the "Up" or "Down" button, the hanging hammer mechanism will rise or fall along the two sliding column. When it rises to the limit position, touch the micro switch to stop, and when it falls to the lower limit position, the photoelectric switch is blocked and stops, and the drop hammer is hung. Press the "Up" button, the hanging hammer mechanism will lift with the hammer.
(5) Press the "feed" button, the feeding mechanism will send the sample to the jaw of the support to stop, and the impact test can be carried out at this time.
(6) Each of the above individual sports can be performed multiple times until satisfactory.