• Pendulum impact testing machine is mainly used to measure the impact resistance of materials under dynamic load, so as to judge the quality of materials under dynamic load Liangong pendulum impact testing machine is divided into: automatic impact testing machine and semi-automatic impact testing machine Impact testing machine
    Pendulum Impact Testing Machine Series Product
  • CDW Series Pendulum Impact Testing Low Temperature Meter is newly researched and developed compressor refrigeration equipment according to requirement of low temperature device in GB T 229-2007 This device includes compressor refrigeration and liquid nitrogen refrigeration
    Charpy impact test low temperature chamber
  • It is used for drop weight tear test of ferrite steel (especially all kinds of pipeline steel)
    JL Series Drop Weight Tear Testing Machine
  • CMT series electronic universal testing machine is used for metal and nonmetal(including composite materials) for the normal and high,low temperaturetensile,compression,bending,shear,striping,tear,load,relaxation,reciprocating and other static mechanical property test and analitycal investigation
    CMT Series Electronic Tensile Testing Machine
  • Using microcomputer to realize electronic measurement, automatic completion of compressive strength test, automatic calculation and printing of reports, it is widely used in construction industry and cement production enterprises
    YAW-300C Automatic Compression -Flexural testing machine
  • This machine is mainly used for the compression strength test of brick, stone, cement, concrete, etc, also it can be used for other material’s compressive performance test
    YAW-2000 Computer control  compression testing machine
  • This machine adopts high-precision ball screw to locate correctly and uses import transducer collecting rotation signal to drive high-frequency electromagnet to strike point synchronously Gauge length is correct, high-efficient and easy to operate It’s the necessary matching equipment for labs
    The principle and operation method of the electric tensile specimens gauge length meter
  • Liangong Testing JL-50000 Drop Weight Tear Tester is a testing equipment used to perform drop weight tear test (DWTT) on ferritic steel The impact energy can be changed between 22000J ~ 50000J The methods are: (1) changing the lifting height of the drop weight; (2) increasing or decreasing the standard counterweight
    Installation method of JL-50000J drop weight tearing impact testing machine