This machine is mainly used for the detection of torsion spring and elastic component torque. The tested parts are installed between the two chucks of the adjustable space, and change the test fixture to adapt the different torsion performance of the tested parts. The test machine is operated by computer control and can perform a fixed angle torque test; The LCD display shows the angle-torque curve of the tested parts, and the real-time display angle, torque, torsion speed and torque peak hold.
Main Technical Parameters
Model:   NDW-05
Max.torque:   5 N.m
Measuring range of torque:   1%-100%FS
Accuracy class:   1 Grade
Minimum torque resolution:   0.05% of full scale per gear
Minimum Torsional angle resolution:   0.1°
Relative error of indicating value of torque:   ≤±1% 
Relative error of indicating value of torsion angle:   ≤±1% within the effective measurement range (forward and reverse directions)
Torque indication repeatability relative error:   ≤1% within the effective measurement range (both forward and reverse directions)
Max.distance between two collets:   260mm
Torque disk diameter:   Φ100mm
Loading speed:   0.6 r/min~6 r/min
Dimension:   900*550*450mm
Weight:   About 170kg
Voltage:   220V 50Hz

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