Uses and features:
The rubber low-temperature brittleness tester is determined the highest temperature when the sample is damaged by the impact of the vulcanized rubber under the specified conditions, that is, the brittleness temperature, and the performance of the non-hard plastic and other elastic materials under low temperature conditions can be comparatively identified. It can measure the brittleness temperature and low temperature performance of vulcanized rubber of different rubber materials or different formulations. Therefore, it is indispensable in the quality inspection of scientific research materials and their products, and the control of production processes. This instrument is designed according to GB/T5470-2008 <plastic impact embrittlement temperature test method>, GB/T 15256-2014 <Vulcanized rubber low temperature brittleness measurement (multi-sample method)> national standard design, the latest development of compressor refrigeration equipment. The equipment adopts the cascade compressor refrigeration technology, and uses the principle of heat balance and the circulating stirring method to achieve automatic uniform cooling and constant temperature of the sample, which can fully meet the various temperature control indexes stipulated by the national standard GB/T229-94.
Technical parameters

Model DCL-70 LG-7040
Temperature control range Room temperature~-70℃ (can be customized according to customer requirements) Room temperature~-70℃
Constant temperature accuracy ±0.5℃  ±0.5℃ 
Cooling speed (at room temperature 25℃) Room temperature~0℃ About 1.5℃/min
0℃~-20℃ About 1.2℃/min
-20℃~-40℃ About 1.0℃/min
-40℃~-60℃ About 0.8℃/min
Room temperature~-40℃ About 1℃/min
-40℃~-70℃ About 0.6℃/min
Dimensions 910×510×920mm 910×510×920mm
Cold room volume 275×160×120mm 275×160×120mm
Impact velocity 2m/s±0.2m/s 2m/s±0.2m/s
Distance from the center of the impactor to the lower end of the holder 11±0.5mm 8±0.5mm
Cooling medium Absolute ethanol or other non-freezing liquid Absolute ethanol or other non-freezing liquid


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