Congratulations on the Successful Completion of the Signing Ceremony for the Academician Expert Workstation

Shandong Liangong Testing Equipment Co., Ltd., together with the expert team of the State-owned Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National external expert Mr. Zhai Tongguang, established an academician expert workstation and held a signing ceremony at Shandong Liangong Company on the morning of January 29, 2019.

Xu Suhai, Chairman of Shandong Association of Science and Technology, Lu Xiaoyang, Vice President of Shandong University of Architecture, Zhang Dongfang, Vice Governor of Qihe County, Mayor Guan Li, Professor Li Mingdi, and other leaders, government leaders and Chairman of Shandong Liangong Liu Lin attended the signing ceremony. The signing ceremony was hosted by Professor Li Xinpei.
Professor Lu Xiaoyang and Chairman Liu Lin signed the text of the cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties and delivered speeches. Chairman Xu Suhai, Governor Zhang Dongfang, President Lu Xiaoyang, and Mayor Guan Li delivered speeches respectively. The successful completion of the signing ceremony marked the official launch of the work of the Shandong Lianong Academician's expert workstation.

Several experts emphasized in their speeches that the reason why they chose to build an academician workstation with Shandong Liangong was mainly because Shandong Liangong had a good scientific research foundation, operation mode and product structure: First, Shandong Liangong had a very obvious product structure and product features, the products are also very important in the domestic and foreign testing machine industry, the product structure featuring independent innovation has set up a good platform for our cooperative development. Second, Shandong Liangong has extensive scientific research cooperation from the source of testing machine, research and development, and production. It has a technical team and technology platform adapted to the development of modern testing machine industry. With the existing platform and team foundation, we have opportunity to show us; Thirdly, Shandong Liangong has a good technology cooperation mode, and there are some examples of model cooperation, and some R&D centers, R&D institutions, and cooperation platforms have been established. It lays a good foundation for the development, joint and collaborative innovation of academician expert workstations. Experts also pointed out that the research direction and specific projects of this workstation are: high-end equipment material reliability research center construction and technical material fatigue damage mechanism research and reliability calculation simulation.

In his speech, Chairman Liu Lin especially thanked the party committees and governments at all levels, relevant departments, industry experts and scholars for their long-term care, support and help. The chairman believes that this joint academician expert workstations are the company's new development opportunities, adding new impetus to the sustainable development of Liangong. The chairman requires that all departments and all employees of the company must unremittingly, seize opportunities, use external forces, activate internal forces, and work with experts to deepen the R&D and production of the testing machine industry, and vigorously develop the health industry in the country. Under the background, shouldering the social responsibility, in the spirit of “promoting the spirit of artisans and building a century-old testing machine brand”, we will fully promote the innovation and development of the testing machine industry in China and the world.