Director Hu of the Shandong Provincial Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau visited Liangong company

On the morning of August 2, 2018, Mr. Hu, deputy director of Shandong Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau, visited our company. Our general manager Mr.Liu Lin expressed warm welcome to the leaders.

Accompanied by General Manager Liu, Director Hu went to the production workshop to learn more about the industrial structure, production process and production process of the company, and the development of talents, equipment, scientific research and technology. He also listened to the the report of products application and various types of parameter detection cases.

Through on-site inspection and experience exchange, Director Hu gave high praise and recognition to the product production testing line and product quality of Liangong, and encouraged enterprises to seize market opportunities, strengthen product brands, strictly control product quality, and continuously enhance brand awareness and influence, and win the favor of customers with quality products and services.

General Liu said that he is very grateful to Director Hu and all leaders for their strong support for the development of Liangong. We must actively respond to national policies, improve equipment functions, continuously improve our innovation capabilities, foster core competitiveness of enterprises, and better contribute to the economic development of the province!