Liangong Participate Exhibition PLASTPOL 2018 at Kielce, Poland

As the world's top professional and largest international trade exhibition in the field, PLASTPOL was held in Poland-Kielce on May 22-25, 2018 in 2018. Liangong Company attended the exhibition.

PLASTPOL, Poland Kelce Plastics Processing Exhibition was organized by the Poland Colcel Exhibition Company. The exhibition was held once a year. This exhibition was also a very important platform for the company to open the Polish market. At this plastic processing exhibition PLASTPOL, In order to broaden our horizons, open new ideas, learn advanced technologies, and exchanges and cooperation, we present our solutions for testing machines in the field of physical testing to exhibitors and visitors all over the world. Customers, distributors and outstanding manufacturers in the field of industrial manufacturing conduct a comprehensive exchange and communication.

While Liangong company are strengthening domestic sales, we also attach great importance to the export of equipment. In the future, Liangong Company hopes to further enhance the learning and communication with international counterparts, actively expand international business cooperation, optimize the convenience of products in overseas applications, and provide our customers with more competitive products and services!