Manhole cover pressure testing machine received high praise from customers

  The export manhole cover compression testing machine arrived at the customer's factory. After a series of installation and training, the customer's independent operation was very smooth and the test was very successful. The customer highly praised our equipment and expressed the expectation for more cooperation in the future, and will also promote the equipment to more people. 
  This manhole cover compression testing machine is designed to test the well cover bearing capacity, according to the standard CJ/T3012-1993<Cast Iron Manhole Top>, CJ/T121-2000<Composite Material Inspection Well Lid of Regenerated Resin>,JC889-2001<Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Checking Well Cover>, GB/T23858-2009<Manhole Cover> ,etc. Its structural performance is in full compliance with test specifications. 
  This machine adopts computer control and high accuracy electro-hydraulic servo valve, drive precision two-way hydraulic cylinder, a variety of automatic control mode of the test force, displacement, deformation, to complete the test of a variety of materials, specifications, manhole covers, water gate cover, well gate, etc.