Application and characteristics:

        CMT-C series high temperature creep testing machine can meet the " metal tensile creep and endurance test method "requirements of the aviation industry standards HB 5067-85, GB/T2039-1997. mainly used for room temperature (high) endurance test of metal, nonmetal, composite materials and components. It's the commonly used equipment for material property test in metallurgical department, research institutions, quality inspection department, aerospace department, vehicle manufacturing, mechanical manufacturing, petroleum chemical industry, building materials, colleges and universities, and the relevant industrial and mining enterprises.

Main technical specifications:

Model CMT-6304-C CMT-6504-C CMT-6804-C CMT-6105-C
Load range(kN) 0.3~30 0.5~50 0.8~80 1~100
Load accuracy ≤1%
Upper and lower chuck concentricity  ≤10%
Deformation displacement range mm) 2
Minimum weight value (N) 1
Deformation measurement error  0.1%FS
Deformation measurement resolution (mm) 0.001
Heating furnace power(kW) 3
Heating strip length(mm) 150
Working temperature(℃) 200-1100
Lower rod travel (mm) 200
Power(kW) single phase/0.75 three phases/1 three phases/1.5 three phases/2


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